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Brandon Judgment Lawyer

Avoiding a Judgment Via Bankruptcy

If you have a prior judgment against you for a tax debt or personal debt owed, you have the option of including the judgment and related collections accounts into your restructured debt repayment plan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In some cases, a judgment brought for unsecured debt by a former creditor may also be eliminated or greatly reduced through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are facing a legal proceeding by a creditor seeking to obtain a judgment against you for a debt owed, you can place an automatic stay (stop) on the action by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under the laws of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, all creditors must immediately stop court actions and work through the debtor’s legal representation to seek a resolution for repayment. Even if you are only a day away from the final judgment decision, bankruptcy puts a stop to the action.

Get a New Start on Your Financial Future

Our first action is to get creditors and debt collectors off your back by putting a stop to any legal action pending against you immediately! To make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible for you, we don’t even wait until you have paid the entire retainer amount. Just pay a nominal amount toward the retainer, and we will start working on your case. The day you pay your low down payment on the affordable full retainer fee, you have a lawyer. Under rules of the Fair Debt Collections Act, collectors must deal exclusively with your attorney.

Need to avoid a judgment? The Golden Law Group can help. Dial (813) 680-3830 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. We are backed by years of experience and are here to help you!

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