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Brandon Credit Report Dispute Lawyer

Credit Reporting Mistakes Happen. Call Us For Help!

There are three main credit reporting agencies in the United States: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. They are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping track of consumer credit ratings, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Credit reporting agencies make mistakes every day.

If you have recently
filed for bankruptcy, those mistakes could prevent you from being approved for new loans. As
a follow-up service for bankruptcy clients,
The Golden Law Group examines credit reports for inaccuracies 90 days after their
debt has been discharged. When mistakes are found, the firm handles the credit report dispute free
of charge.

If you see a mistake on your credit report, The Golden Law Group can help. Call (813) 680-3830 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Common Credit Report Errors

Often, credit reporting agencies don’t make timely updates, or they don’t receive the information they need to make updates. One common post-bankruptcy error these agencies often make is that they forget to remove an old debt from the credit report. When you apply for a loan, the potential lender will see the old debt, conclude that you are unable to take on a new one, and deny the loan.

The Golden Law Group handles credit report disputes by first sending a letter to request that the error be fixed. If that doesn’t work, they file a credit report lawsuit. If the client wins the credit report dispute, then the firm receives a fee from out of the settlement. If the lawsuit is not successful, you pay nothing.

To discuss a credit report dispute with a lawyer at The Golden Law Group, contact us online or give us a call at (813) 680-3830 to schedule a free evaluation. We are here for you!

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