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Struggling with credit card debt? Dealing with hefty medical bills? Stressed by your student loans? Let go of your financial worries with the help of Don Golden, an experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney. With over two decades of experience and board certification, there’s no one better than us to help you recover from a difficult financial situation.

Schedule a call with us today and experience our bankruptcy lawyers’ skill and dedication that allows our clients to be free from their debts.

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“Bankruptcy in Florida, by G. Donald Golden” Get answers to some general bankruptcy concerns such as: “How do I know if I should file for bankruptcy?”

Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

We get it. A boatload of debt already burdens you. The last thing on your mind is to spend more money by hiring an attorney. However, skipping legal counsel can bring more harm than good and ultimately lead to losing more money.

It’s no exaggeration that the success of your bankruptcy petition (or any other debt relief option) can affect the course of your life. With such high stakes, you cannot afford any mistakes. If you overlook a single thing, the bankruptcy court can toss out your petition. Even worse, they may suspect you of committing bankruptcy fraud.

Here’s what the Brandon bankruptcy attorneys from Golden Law Group strive to provide customized plans and efficient execution. 

  • We Treat Each Client As A Valued Individual
  • We Do Things Right The First Time
  • We Go The Extra Mile For Our Clients
  • We Are Proactive With Each Case
  • we aim to find solutions tailored to each client’s case.
  • we work to minimize wait times and avoid inefficiency to speed up the filing process
Our Florida bankruptcy specialist can anticipate potential problems and ensure your paperwork is properly filled out. This improves your chances of success and prevents any mistakes in your filing. A debt-free life can be a phone call away. Pick it up and call Golden Law Group to get started!

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How Can Bankruptcy Solve My Debt Problems?

You can think of bankruptcy as a safety net for people who find themselves in a precarious financial situation. If you’ve reached the point where your finances become overwhelmingly difficult to handle, bankruptcy can bail you out.

There are generally two types of bankruptcy that most people file: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Is An Easy Way To Eliminate Your Debts. Here, A Bankruptcy Trustee Takes Your Assets And Sells Them To Pay Off Your Debts. Afterward, Your Debts Get Discharged, And You’re No Longer Obligated To Pay Them.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Involves Organizing Your Debts Into A 3-5 Year Repayment Plan. This Option May Not Be As Speedy As Chapter 7, But It Can Let You Save Your Home Or Your Car.

Why Do People File Bankruptcy?

  • Stop Wage Garnishment
  • Save Your Home From Foreclosure
  • Prevent Or Stop Collection Lawsuits
  • End Creditor Harassment
Our qualified Brandon bankruptcy attorneys are at your service if you have more questions! Call us today for a consultation.

The Secret Behind Golden Law Group’s Successful Bankruptcy Cases

Our Strategic Approach to Bankruptcy Cases in Florida

Our goal is to change our client’s current circumstances, and we want to give them a fresh start in life. We don’t want to delay the financial issues but eliminate them entirely and give our clients financial freedom. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to find long-term solutions instead of quick fixes. As much as we love our clients, we aim to avoid needing to see them filing for bankruptcy again.

Attorney Golden gives Fresh Start for Life courses so our clients can find financial peace. Golden Law Group wants to give you the tools you need to get through life before, during, and after bankruptcy. Whatever your problems, we are here to help you!

Florida Bankruptcy Attorney
Florida bankruptcy lawyer
Our Bankruptcy Philosophy

Not only can we help clients fend off creditors and keep their assets, but we also want to help them restore their credit ratings and learn how to handle their money wisely.

If you’d like to speak with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys about your debt relief options, bankruptcy, Student loans, and more, call our Brandon bankruptcy law office to set up a no-obligation, no-cost appointment today!

Discover Solutions to your Debt Problems with our Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

About Don Golden

There are many bankruptcy law firms out there, but few attorneys are considered experts in consumer bankruptcy. Don Golden, The Firm’s Lead Attorney, Is a Board Certified attorney. This is no small feat. 

At The Golden Law Group, we take bankruptcy cases seriously. If you need help dealing with debt, you can count on us to find the solution that fits your needs! Call our Brandon law firm today to get started.

Experience. Knowledge. Dedication.

Don Golden has spent over 20 years helping Floridians with their legal issues. With our offices in Brandon and Tampa, we make it more accessible for people to begin a new chapter in their lives. Alongside his legal work, Don Golden also participates in pro bono activities as a St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church member.

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The Golden Law Group Offers Fresh Start for Life courses to help clients on their path to financial peace. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to succeed before, during, and after your bankruptcy. No matter what your situation, we are here to guide you.

Our firm has convenient locations in Brandon and Tampa. If you are interested in
contacting us about your debt relief options, call (813) 212-4355 to schedule a no-obligation,
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