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What is a bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL

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Look forward to a new debt-free chapter of your life through bankruptcy filing!

Many things must be considered when attaining debt relief through bankruptcy. If you’ve encountered bankruptcy before, then you’ve already gotten acquainted with the steps. Filing bankruptcy is a complicated and stressful process that involves trusting people you’ve probably never met – like a bankruptcy trustee. Because of this, it’s crucial that you have an idea of what is bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL before going through the bankruptcy process.

The bankruptcy filing doesn’t exist to make your money troubles disappear immediately. There are debts and obligations it can’t wipe out. Nevertheless, a bankruptcy petition is the only way you can clear your debts legally and be protected from abusive collecting methods at the same time. Knowing who to trust and interact with is part of a successful process-and. It starts with knowing what bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL and hiring a skilled bankruptcy lawyer to represent you in court is.

Top Brandon FL Bankruptcy Attorney 

The steps towards achieving debt relief through bankruptcy can be a long and complicated process, one which would require legal help. If you wish to understand bankruptcy concepts, such as learning what is a bankruptcy trustee in Brandon, FL, look no further than Golden Law Group. The Florida firm’s bankruptcy attorney can walk you through the process and ensure that every step is seamless. 

Free yourself from the shackles of debt. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer from Golden Law Group who can help you with the process, be it chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. You don’t have to go through this alone. Reach out to a Brandon, FL bankruptcy attorney from Golden Law Group right now for a free consultation

Why do I need a bankruptcy lawyer in Florida?

The biggest reward of knowing what is bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL is getting an idea of their roles and the questions they’ll be asking you. If you choose to work with us, a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney will carefully look at your case and walk you through each step of the Florida bankruptcy process.

Here’s what you can expect to gain from our legal representation:

  • Customized debt relief solutions
  • Personalized and compassionate legal counsel for every client
  • Proactive problem-solving strategies that can help remedy your debt
  • Committed and attentive legal counsel from start to finish

Regardless of whether you need relief from overwhelming debt or you need to put a stop to creditor harassment, the law firm’s got you covered. The Golden Law Group’s seasoned Brandon FL bankruptcy attorney is the silver lining in the midst of your bankruptcy struggles. 

To receive great legal advice on which bankruptcy chapter is most appropriate for you and reliable information on what is bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL, contact our law office immediately for a free consultation. 

What is a Bankruptcy Trustee?

A bankruptcy trustee is a person appointed by the court to oversee and manage the bankruptcy process for an individual or organization that has filed for bankruptcy. The trustee’s primary responsibility is to represent the interests of the creditors, ensuring that they receive as much payment as possible from the debtor’s assets.

Per the Bankruptcy Code, an individual who aspires to be a bankruptcy trustee must possess the following traits:

  • Be physically and mentally fit to execute the duties of a trustee
  • Be willing to submit reports as required and have applied under oath and accomplished prescribed forms
  • Not be in any way related to anyone who works in the United States Trustees of the Department of Justice’s executive office or the office of the United States Trustee for the district where they’re applying in.
  • Must possess integrity and good moral character
  • Be unbiased and have no prejudice against an individual, group, or entity 

There is so much more to what is bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL and how their duties can impact a bankruptcy case. The roles a bankruptcy trustee must fulfill vary depending on what bankruptcy chapter you’re petitioning for. 

The succeeding sections illustrate what a bankruptcy trustee does during Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as what questions they typically ask.


What does the bankruptcy trustee do in Chapter 7?

The biggest responsibility of a Brandon, FL bankruptcy trustee is to gather and sell your non-exempt assets and real estate. Once the bankruptcy court approves your petition, your non-exempt property technically no longer belongs to you and will instead be held by the trustee in a bankruptcy estate.

Anything exempt property you have, such as your house, car, and social security, usually won’t be included in the liquidation procedure. If anyone disputes these exemptions, it’s the bankruptcy trustee’s job to inform the bankruptcy court of any disagreements. 

Below are the trustee’s duties during Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Reviewing all submitted paperwork
  • Confirming your identification
  • Conducting the 341 meeting of creditors
  • Asking questions about the documents you provided
  • Locating and investigating any undisclosed estate assets
  • Seizing assets that are not protected by Chapter 7 exemptions (non-exempt property)
  • Verifying all proof of claim forms submitted by your creditors

Knowing these roles, you should be better prepared for what the Chapter 7 trustee will ask. It usually includes questions regarding:

  • Any personal information indicated on documents you included and bankruptcy forms you filled out
  • Anything regarding the documents you submitted to check their validity
  • Any information about possible assets that you failed to disclose or informed the court of during the Chapter 7 proceedings

What does the bankruptcy trustee do in Chapter 13?

One of the main responsibilities of a Brandon, FL Chapter 13 trustee is to oversee your payment plan’s implementation, be the administrator of your estate, and make sure that you qualify for Chapter 13 filing. The trustee also meets with the judge in bankruptcy court on your behalf while your case is ongoing. 

The duties of a Florida bankruptcy trustee, however, aren’t limited to bankruptcy administration. It also includes:

  • Reviewing your repayment plan
  • Conducting the creditor’s meeting
  • Attending the confirmation hearing
  • Informing the judge if your payment plan meets the requirements
  • Implementing the Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan
  • Objecting to false or invalid creditor claims

Being aware of these duties, you should be better prepared for what the Chapter 13 trustee will ask. It usually includes questions regarding:

  • Any personal information indicated on documents you included and bankruptcy forms you filled out
  • Anything regarding the documents you submitted to check their validity
  • Any important details about your Chapter 13 repayment plan

Call our Brandon, FL bankruptcy attorney now!

Making a decision to file for bankruptcy is hard; actually petitioning for bankruptcy is way harder. The amount of documents you need to accomplish and bankruptcy forms you must fill out only makes it more daunting. But if you have a skilled bankruptcy lawyer helping you, it should be a lot less overwhelming.

Our lawyers at the Golden Law Group have intimate knowledge of Florida bankruptcy and the following areas:

To find out how we can best help you and get nitty-gritty details on what is bankruptcy trustee Brandon FL, give our law firm a call right away! 

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