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Board-Certified Attorney

Board-Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

You don’t want to hire just any bankruptcy lawyer to handle your finances in a bankruptcy filing. Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a big deal, and you want to be sure that you have a knowledgeable and confident lawyer on your side to help you with your journey to financial freedom. To make sure your case is handled correctly, it is essential that you hire a board-certified consumer bankruptcy lawyer such as Attorney G. Donald Golden.

What does it mean to be board certified?

Becoming board certified is no easy task. In fact, attorneys who are board certified must put in more than double the work that a normal attorney does. Board certifications are issued by the American Board of Certification and are only given to attorneys who prove that they are efficient, effective, and knowledgeable in their field of law.

Attorney Golden has met the rigorous qualifications and taken the extensive classes that are required of board-certified attorneys. Once an attorney has been board certified, he or she is considered an expert in that area of law.

What are the requirements for board certification?

To become board certified, a lawyer must:

  • Litigate as lead counsel in at least 20 disputes related to bankruptcy that must be settled in court
  • Take 60 hours of Continuing Legal Education courses on the topic of bankruptcy law, which is twice the amount required for attorneys to maintain their licenses
  • Pass a 2-day exam covering all details of bankruptcy law
  • Dedicate at least 75 percent of his or her legal practice to bankruptcy law
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of bankruptcy law
  • Stay current with new developments in bankruptcy law

Don’t Settle for Less Than Excellent Representation

If you are looking for a skilled attorney who can help you with your case, don’t hesitate to call the caring and committed lawyers at The Golden Law Group. You need an accomplished and knowledgeable expert to help you with your case. The firm can provide that level of legal counsel.

Call The Golden Law Group today to seek assistance in your case and work toward debt relief!

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