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Some Financial Relief May Be On The Way

By The Golden Law Group

The Golden Law Group team has been working remotely from home for almost 2 weeks now. So far, we have been lucky and we have enough work and cash flow to keep everyone employed. However, we know that not every is as fortunate. Millions of Americans, including many of our clients, have been laid off from their jobs or have drastically reduced hours. People are scared, not only about the health effects of the virus, but also about the financial crisis they are now facing.

As you may have heard, last night the United States Senate passed a bill intended to provide some financial relief to American consumers as well as corporations. According to reports, most Americans will receive a check in the amount of $1,200 per adult and an additional $500 per child. There are many details to this bill and it still has to pass the House of Representatives and be signed by the President before it becomes law. Therefore, we are likely still several weeks away from you actually receiving the money.

The other thing I want to warn you about is that I have already seen some confusing and misleading information about what is and is not actually part of this bill. So, over the next several days I plan to study the bill and report back to you. I will do this via e-mail just like the one you are reading now. My intent is not to fill your inbox with unwanted and unnecessary e-mails. My goal is to provide you with reliable information that could help guide you through this unprecedented financial crisis.  If at any time you decided that you don’t want to receive these e-mails, simply click unsubscribe below.

Together, we will get through this!

Don Golden

The Golden Law Group

(813) 413-8700


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