How Long Does Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

As of August 15, 2015, Americans owe a total of more than $11 trillion in debt for credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and other expenses. With that number in mind, it should come as no surprise that many Americans choose to file bankruptcy to help relieve their debt burden and start fresh. Although bankruptcy is […]

I Can’t Afford to Pay My Student Loans… What Can I Do?

Most people know that the total amount consumers owe in student loan debt is now more than 1 Trillion dollars. Yes, that is $1,000,000,000,000! Student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt in this country. But unlike credit card debt, it is very difficult to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. Notice I said difficult, […]

Vulgar voicemails force debt collector to pay $1.5 million

DALLAS – The harassing and threatening voicemail messages left on Allen Jones’ mobile phone are nothing short of vulgar. “This shouldn’t be tolerated,” he said. “Nobody should have to experience what I had to experience.” Debt collectors from Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC left eight messages for Jones in August 2007 trying to collect what […]

Bankruptcy as a Means to Stay in Your Home, Despite Mortgage Problems

In these tough economic times even homeowners with steady incomes can find themselves facing foreclosure. In this situation, filing for bankruptcy is an option to consider closely. Options for Homeowners Behind on the Mortgage The option you choose will depend on your unique circumstances. But for a homeowner behind on the mortgage, the following options […]

Credit Card Issues Are Frequent in Florida

Credit and debit card fraud is one of the most prolific fears among average Americans. In a comprehensive survey spearheaded by the Consumer Federation of America, various state agencies reported the most prevalent, worst and fastest-growing sources of consumer unrest. Not surprisingly, credit and debt complaints came in at number two on the list of […]

Make Sure You Get Credit for your Bankruptcy Discharge!

When you file bankruptcy you should expect to receive a discharge and a fresh financial start. In a perfect world your credit reports would be properly updated to show that your debts have been discharged. That is important if you wish to reestablish your credit following the bankruptcy. Unfortunately many creditors do not contact the […]

Federal government proposes new student loan repayment plan

These days, it is nearly impossible to leave college without having taken out some student loans. Unfortunately, given the job market, finding a job to pay back those loans can seem like an equally daunting task. The federal government is considering a change to the student loan repayment system, hoping that the move could reduce […]

Florida Mortgage Modification: Dual Tracking as a Double-Cross

The foreclosure system is clogged, both in Florida and across country. There have already been huge numbers of foreclosures, and there are so many in the pipeline, that the pace has slowed in recent weeks. There are many factors involved here, however, besides the volume. In the 23 states, including Florida, where courts play a […]


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