What is the trustee?

What is the trustee? | The Golden Law Group | Helping Residents & Businesses Get Financial Stability | (813) 413-8700 | | 808 Oakfield Drive, Ste A, Brandon, Florida 33511 | 9040 Town Center Pkwy, Bradenton, Florida 34202 In a Chapter 7 case, the trustee is the person that's appointed by the court to oversee the case. They will preside over the meeting of creditors, they will ask you questions at the meeting about your income, your expenses, your assets and liabilities. If you have assets that exceed your allowed exemptions, the trustee's job is to liquidate those assets and disburse that money to your creditors. In a Chapter 13 case, it's similar. The 13 trustee is appointed by the court to oversee the case. That's the person you'll make your consolidated payment to, and they will disburse that payment to creditors pro rata during the life of the plan.