What does it cost to file bankruptcy?

What does it cost to file bankruptcy? | The Golden Law Group | Helping Residents & Businesses Get Financial Stability | (813) 413-8700 | | 808 Oakfield Drive, Ste A, Brandon, Florida 33511 | 9040 Town Center Pkwy, Bradenton, Florida 34202 There are different expenses for an individual to file a bankruptcy. The first expense is the requirement that you take a prefiling credit counseling course. Those cost range between 10 to $20. The second cost is an attorney. Attorneys fees can range depending upon whether you're filing a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. It's really difficult to say how much it's going to cost for an attorney because every fact pattern is different. It's case by case to determine the cost for an attorney. You also have to pay for a debtor education course when you file which is also another 10 to $20 fee. The last thing is a filing fee. Filing fee for a chapter 7 case is $335 and for a chapter 13 case, it's $310.