Can I keep my credit cards?

Can I keep my credit cards? | The Golden Law Group | Helping Residents & Businesses Get Financial Stability | (813) 413-8700 | | 808 Oakfield Drive, Ste A, Brandon, Florida 33511 | 9040 Town Center Pkwy, Bradenton, Florida 34202 When you file bankruptcy, you have to list all of your debt, and all of your assets. That includes credit card debt. When the credit card companies find out that you had to file bankruptcy, they will generally cancel your credit card. I get this question a lot, where a client will ask me, "I'd like to leave out one credit card. Can I do that?" The answer is really, "No." The reason I say that is because even if you decide not to list a creditor in your schedules, the creditor could find out about the bankruptcy, because they periodically pull credit reports. If they pull your credit report and find out that you filed bankruptcy, they're going to cancel the card on you, anyway.