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Government Fines, Penalties & Restitution

Brandon Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You Regain Your Footing

If you are suffering because of debts and significant government fines, penalties, or restitution orders, it may seem as though there is no possibility to get out from under the mountainous burden. At The Golden Law Group, the bankruptcy attorneys in Brandon specifically offer debt relief solutions that can help reduce or completely discharge your debt.

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What can bankruptcy do to alleviate my government fines?

Government fines such as criminal fines, parking tickets, or municipal fines may not be dischargeable under the protection of bankruptcy. If you owe a significant amount of debt to the government, filing for bankruptcy will likely not protect your rights effectively. Fortunately, there are still many options that you can take that can help protect your rights.

At The Golden Law Group, it is the primary mission of the firm’s attorneys to help set you up for ultimate, long-term success. Lead Attorney G. Donald Golden has undergone specialized training to help individuals out of any type of debt and regain their footing. With the help of the firm’s board-certified lawyer, you can emerge from this time with the hope of a fresh start.

Discharging Penalties & Restitution

Currently, the law does not allow you to include discharge of restitution owed to the government as a result of a criminal conviction. If you have agreed on a plan to repay the money that you owe over a certain amount of time, then you may be able to include the debt in your repayment plan.

As long as you make payments on time in good faith and pay the government the amount of money that you owe, then you can include the debt. Penalties and interest can be discharged once you complete your payment plan. You may still have to overcome many barriers, but with the right legal counsel on your side, the process can seem much less intimidating.

Affordable & Personalized Debt Solutions

People make mistakes all the time. Unfortunately, some mistakes have much more severe consequences than others. Financial hardship can befall anyone – even the most prepared individual can suffer serious setbacks in the midst of an uncertain economy.

If you wish to learn more about the affordable payment plans that the firm offers, do not hesitate to call. The Golden Law Group offers highly personalized legal representation that can help determine the best approach to debt relief.

Find the light at the end of the tunnel – reach out today! We help those in Tampa and Brandon.

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