What debt collectors CAN and CANNOT do

Debt collectors cannot call you early in the morning or late at night. They cannot harass or threaten you. If your employer prohibits personal calls, they cannot contact you at work. They also cannot violate your privacy by sharing your debt information with anyone other than your spouse, lawyer, or cosigner.

Mistakes on your credit report? Know THIS

If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, those mistakes could prevent you from being approved for new loans. As a service for bankruptcy clients, we examine credit reports for inaccuracies 90 days after their debt has been discharged. When mistakes are found, the firm handles the dispute free of charge.

Baseball Legend Files Bankruptcy

If baseball player Liván Hernández can go bankrupt, it can happen to anyone!

The pressures of financial crises may lead to the need to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers protect your business from creditors when you are going through a bankruptcy filing. The Golden Law Group could facilitate you to take you out of your financial troubles.

Tennis Great Boris Becker Went Bankrupt!

If tennis great Boris Becker can go bankrupt, it can happen to anyone!

The Golden Law Group is a bankruptcy firm devoted to helping individuals reaches effective solutions to their financial troubles. Our firm is dedicated to providing the belligerent representation you need. Contact us today!