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Married but Filing Separate Bankruptcies

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Brandon, Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer for Married Couples

Less Expensive to File Jointly

Under certain circumstances, married couples may choose to file bankruptcy as individuals, rather than as a married couple. Filing separately is completely legal. It is also possible for one of the spouses to file, and leave the other spouse off of the petition. If you are married and considering filing separately or as a single individual, it is important to remember that debt assumed while you were married may be considered joint debt. If only one spouse files, it will not relieve the non-petitioning spouse from any debt obligations that may or may not be discharged. A married couple filing as separate petitioners, or if only one spouse chooses to file, generally makes sense only if there is no joint debt.

Are you filing for divorce?

Many couples choose to file bankruptcy prior to their divorce, or as a result of divorce. It is often advantageous to file as a married couple to eliminate the commingling of debt obligations, following your divorce judgment. If you are considering divorce, there are special rules that apply regarding your bankruptcy petition.

In most cases, married couples can save attorneys’ fees and court costs by filing jointly, as both spouses can list joint and personal debt on the schedule of assets, income and debts.

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