What to Expect in the Weeks and Months Ahead

  • Step One: During a free consultation, your attorney will get the information necessary to decide what course of action is most appropriate for your situation. You can ask questions, tell your story, learn about fees and learn how the law will apply to your specific case.
  • Step Two: If bankruptcy turns out to be the appropriate course of action for your case, and if you choose The Golden Law Group to handle it, you will receive a packet of forms and information to take home and fill out. Later, you will review it with an experienced legal assistant to make sure everything is filled in correctly.
  • Step Three: Your lawyer will thoroughly review all the relevant documents with you and make sure everything is in order. After any necessary changes have been made, you will sign your bankruptcy papers.
  • Step Four: Your bankruptcy petition is filed with the court.
  • Step Five: Within 10 days, you will receive a response from the court setting a date for a meeting with your creditors and with a bankruptcy Trustee. At this meeting, the Trustee will ask questions about your income, assets, expenses and liabilities. Creditors may protest your bankruptcy at this meeting, but they rarely even show up.
  • Step Six: For a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the Trustee may object within 30 days of the meeting, and your creditors may object within 60 days. If both of these deadlines pass without an objection, your debt will be officially discharged. For a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee must review the feasibility and accuracy of the proposed plan, and creditors can object to the plan if they find it unreasonable.

After they learn about it, most people find that the bankruptcy process is not nearly as frightening as they originally expected. If you are struggling under a load of debt that you can't pay off, The Golden Law Group can help.

Every client at the firm receives efficient, effective and personalized representation. Lead attorney G. Donald Golden is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification. Before deciding who to hire to handle your bankruptcy, find out why you should choose a board-certified lawyer.

For a free initial consultation (no obligations and no risk whatsoever) to discuss the bankruptcy process with a lawyer at The Golden Law Group, call (813) 489-1095 or contact the firm online. The firm serves Florida and surrounding communities.

90 days after your debt has been discharged, The Golden Law Group will conduct a free credit report follow-up to ensure that your credit profile is accurate and your debts are gone for good.

For a free initial consultation to ask about the bankruptcy process or to discuss how to file for bankruptcy, call (813) 489-1095 or contact The Golden Law Group online today.